Do you need a Band-Aid?

I’m afraid of blood.



I’m not so much afraid of dying as I am of being forgotten after I die.

Wikileaks (shhhhh)

I’m afraid of the government censoring what we put on the internet!


I’m always scared that I am going to fall on my face and break my front teeth out.

Can you feel this?

I’m afraid to be operated on, and put under with anesthesia. I’m afraid I would be like the people that I’ve heard about that can still feel everything but they can’t say anything when they are put under. Damn that’s rough to think about…

Spiders eek!

I’m deathly afraid of spiders! Who wouldn’t be afraid of these things?

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Shark week! need I say more?! I’m not getting in the ocean ever again…

Slip and slide

When I’m climbing up the stairs at a water park to go down a slide, I’m afraid of getting pushed off the side by all the little brats goofing around!


I’m afraid of losing my love despite us both still loving each other.

Don’t pull an Elvis

I’m afraid I’ll die on the toilet and that’s the way people will find me. So I obviously don’t want to push to hard and kill myself. Especially in a public washroom. But that brings up this whole problem of getting it out fast and efficiently without pushing.