Hello everyone! My name is Rosie Lenahan. I am 25 years old, and I currently reside in the beautiful state of Florida  where I am raising my 6 year old daughter. I have a bachelors degree in business administration from Flagler College, and I am still in the process of trying to figure out what to do with my life. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

In the last couple of years I have been bombarded with stories and comments from family, friends, and the media about the Bilderberg group, the Illuminati, HAARP, 2012 and all kinds of government conspiracy theories.

I have been a little skeptical, but I like to look at everything with an open mind. So I started looking into it for myself, and now I am a little concerned to say the least that this may be how I die!

I will have to admit that I am known as a ruh-tard by many people who know me, and I have a few other crazy ways I am paranoid about dying. I am just curious to find out if other people like me have these same fears.

I would like to invite you to share with me some ways you are afraid to die! Email me at rosielenahan@gmail.com and I will post one every day.

And hey If this is my last year on this earth I want to know so I can LIVE IT UP! 😉


10 responses to “About

  • Duane

    Beautiful, with all the death I have seen, I’m numb to the when and how…

  • Nanaenae

    You are a victim of brainwashing my dear. Look for the light. No one is going to hurt you.

  • wereallgunnadie

    Maybe I’m not the one who is a victim of brainwashing :/ I just want to be as informed as possible so I can try and make up my mind for myself, which I think is what we should all do!

    • jimboa

      Finally got it:)
      Well, I atleast carry a knife everywhere. In my mind (maybe via media) most robberies will escalate into rape (for women) and or murder. You’d think it was the night you had to fear. But it’s mid-day. I now feel it my duty to dismember anyone I’d potentially find breaking into my house. All I imagine is how that doctors entire family (wife and two daughters)was bound, raped, doused in gasoline and set a blaze. I know many stories like that one (just not so news worthy.) I think is due to a lack of education, atleast in America. But the few educated aren’t shaping this culter, it’s the opposite. It all starts at childhood. Oh and speaking of your child, have you veiwed the surrounding sex offeder registry?

      • wereallgunnadie

        Yeah, I agree all this violence is scary, and the people who we are letting shape our culture is scary too!!

        and yes I do check the sex offender registry :/ yikes!!

        Thank you for your feedback!

      • jimboa

        haha, had no clue you replied. you should consider T-shirts in conjuction with this site and facebook. Anyway, what about this strain of ecoli in europe, can you say Alquida. I may have to start my own garden and live off the land. If I could I would, no tractor yet though:)
        Also considering ways to die, poison ivy, take it seriously! I just got over somecrazy arm swelling. I’m sure that if it were to spread, it could cause throat swelling.

    • jimboa

      I sorta agree. In comparison I think this US economy is gonna die, potatoes and oatmeal! Everyone is waiting on the president to fix it when noone individually is doing their part. I never thought tornados would eat entire brick homes but it happened alot, north to south, but quite possibly indicative of cheap building (metal clips connecting wood walls or even one floor to next are required in those thought to be exclusively tornado states.)Though no press, I suspect the buildings requirements will be upgraded……what were we talking about? lol

  • Michael


    The first time I checked this site, I thought it was really weird. I just previewed the main page. Now that I’ve read your “about” page, it makes sense to me. I thought that if I signed up, you would send some virus to my CPU that might make my monitor explode… I don’t want to die that way! 🙂 pretty cool site!

  • Bob

    You made an important distinction between the type of death rather than actual death. Heading toward physical death can have a focusing effect on your consciousness. A number of years ago after studying material on shamanism in particular Toltec. I lost any fear of death. For me it now comes down to a melancholy in that there are a number of things I deem important to do before the final physical scrum down.

    In the corrupt and broken communities in which we live it is important that we do not resort to violence against authority. The best way to achieve a change – in my opinion – is to carry out loving, peaceful, non-compliance even if ‘they’ are being physical and aggressive to you.

    As far as conspiracy sites are concerned, the best I have come across is, http://www.montalk.net/ on every aspect of what is happening around us, it is intelligent, clear and well written.

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